Vintage Stoneware Jug in Olive Green | New Zealand


Stoneware is used for a variety of uses including decorative ornaments, figurines, and tableware but it is obviously well suited to the transportation and storage of liquids such as beer, wine, vinegar, and mineral water. As a result, it was used by grocers, wine and beer dealers, brewers, and landlords to store and sell their products. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to advertise themselves and their products the names and addresses of the traders were often stamped into or transferred onto the jugs and bottles too.

Across various cultures, this type of stoneware jugs is used differently. In the Middle East, you’d often find such jugs full of delicious fresh olive oil while the west side of the world may use it more often for storing whiskey and alcohol. Nowadays, you’d spot many of these large classic looking stoneware sitting on shelves as art décor pieces complementing the beauty of the room.

We’ve hand-picked this large olive-green stoneware jug all the way from New Zealand. The blend of paint colours black, olive and brown give a warm earthy look to this piece.

Hand-made and signed.

Dimensions: 35cm x 20cm


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