Vintage Hand-carved Book Slide - Bookend


''Bookcases are almost as old as books. Archeological remains from earliest times suggest that clay and stone tablets were kept in some arranged order by their authors or collectors. But it was the increasing number of Egyptian scrolls or papyrus rolls dating from the 4th Century BC that necessitated a special place for storage.'' Thomas Dibacco (1995)

Various bookshelves designs came into existence after the cost of books relatively dropped after the invention of printing press in the 15th century. Before that, transcribing and binding pages of manuscripts were done largely by monks and religious institutions mainly. The development of the printing press spurred a domestic need for bookshelves after books became a collection of nearly every home. With this, came various type of bookshelves and designs to make it more convenient and accessible across different corners of a room.

This is a vintage book slide in mahogany solid wood, a classic hand carved design with details across its body. It can be used to keep your favourite collection nearby on a reading corner, part of your shelves or add in your other accessories.

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