Vintage Ceramic West German Vase | Pre-Cold War (c1950)


One can never have enough vases around their space. Whether it’s your house, office, garden, you name it.

Our hand-selected pieces must always have something special to tell, so it’s not just about their beauty. This is a West German vase that’s full of character and rich in details and history. What history can this piece share about its origin?

In the period after World War II, Germany was divided into two zones, West, and East, with the West being influenced by the British, French, and Americans, and the East under Soviet control. The city of Berlin was also divided in a like fashion. This arrangement was supposed to be temporary, but as Cold War animosities began to harden, it became increasingly evident that the division between the communist and non-communist controlled sections of Germany and Berlin would become permanent. Indeed, it remained the case until reunification in 1989 upon the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Despite its age, this West Germany vase is in excellent condition. Beautifully crafted in black, orange and an elegant olive-green internals.


Dimensions: H31cm x D15cm

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