Vintage German Beer Steins Set

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The origins of German beer steins date back to the fourteenth century. As a result of the bubonic plague and several invasions of flies throughout Europe shortly thereafter, Germany established several laws in the early sixteenth century requiring that all food and beverage containers (in our case it’s beer steins) be covered to protect their contents.

The pewter guild, combined with the heightened awareness for hygiene among food containers, created an environment in Germany that would ensure the presence of permanently attached pewter lids on stoneware drinking vessels for the next three hundred years. The history of german beer steins includes the development and introduction of several different materials other than stoneware. Glass, porcelain and silver beer steins were introduced several hundred years ago as well and are all still available today.

Many stein-decorating styles and techniques were developed over the centuries, offering further diversity to this creative, historical, artistic, and ever-evolving gift item.

This is a set of three German Beer Steins (two medium and one small) with countryside sceneries on all three, with, of course, silver plated lids.


- Measurement: H17cm x Diameter 6.5cm (medium) - H11cm x Diameter 4.5cm

- Weight: 345g (medium) 140g (small)

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