Vintage Barley Twist Round Side Table


Oak Barley Twist High Round Table, a testament to the enduring charm of 17th-century craftsmanship. Originating in England and France, the "barley twist" technique features spiral-turned legs that captivate with their intricate design. Some tales even suggest the name comes from its resemblance to sticks of barley sugar—a sweet nod to the delightful aesthetics of the time!

Barley twist legs are crafted through a woodturning process, where a squared wood blank is marked, turned on a lathe, and intricately shaped to create twists. This technique, often applied to hardwoods like oak or mahogany, yields legs with captivating and vintage-inspired designs for furniture pieces.

Crafted from solid oak wood, this high table stands as a living piece of history, marrying practical ingenuity with exquisite design. The round top, composed of individual oak wood layers, is adorned in a rich mahogany brown color—a visual feast that marries heritage and sophistication seamlessly.


  • Height: 73cm
  • Width: 40cm
  • Diameter: 29cm

For some inspiration:

Hallway Style: Enhance your hallway with the Oak Barley Twist High Round Table. This stylish addition serves as a focal point, offering sophistication to your entryway. Adorn the tabletop with a decorative vase or captivating artwork, creating a practical yet elegant space for keys and daily essentials.

Living Room Chic: Transform your living room with the Oak Barley Twist High Round Table. Placed beside your sofa or favorite armchair, it exudes elegance. Adorned with a stylish table lamp, the warm glow accentuates the rich mahogany color, creating a cozy ambiance. The barley twist legs add vintage charm, making it a perfect accent piece for your living space.


Our products are antique, vintage, and preloved, thus signs of wear are part of their unique story. Please study the images well before purchasing; these pieces aren't new but carry a charm that only age can bestow.


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