The Big Book of Needlecraft (1935)


Needlecraft is one of those crafts you can dive into to escape everything. It never gets old and if it ever does, its age adds more to its beauty.

Having vintage books around the house or in your library can add warmth and colour to your space. We’re trying to cater vintage books that would also add content for those curious minds who would like to revisit the old way of doing things. Classic.

Issued in the 1930's this book contains everything you need to know about needlecraft, an art which has not changed so much since this book was printed. Needless to say, the beautiful illustrations and pictures inside the book are pure art and can make beautiful framed artwork.

The hardcover of this book comes in a beautiful oliver green colour and just about the perfect amount of tear and wear. When it comes to CentCherri's books, this is great example for when our packaging plays a big role. The book will come packaged with a letter of introduction, all wrapped up in our eco-friendly and special packaging.

Dimensions: H21cm x W14cm

Weight: 0.74kg

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