Rustic Brass Corkscrew


The corkscrew, like so many other inventions, was brought into the world out of necessity. The earliest reference to a corkscrew was noted in the 1680s. The design was initially derived from 'gun worm' which is a device used by men back then to remove unspent charges from guns.

Over the next 300 years inventors filed hundreds of patents, relentlessly improving upon these first adapted corkscrews.

In 1795, the first corkscrew patent was granted to the Reverend Samuel Henshall, in England. Many developments to the tool came to light over the years, leaving us with the likes of the recent electric ones. Many wine lovers however, still appreciate the traditional design, manual way to open that good wine bottle, and continue to use it today.

- Measurement: 14cm x 11cm

- Weight: 217g


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