Pair of 19th Century Candelabra on Marble


The origin of the word ‘candelabrum’ (singular for Candelabra) is a Latin term which translates to ‘candle-tree’. The word was inspired by the idea that the Candelabra spreads its branches of light the same way a tree does with its leaves.

Even though it came to life as a necessity and for convenience, it later became a desirable household object d’art and a sign of wealth as it gained popularity in the 1800s.

Candles have been around as early as 3000 BC. The earliest candelabra found dates to 400 BC and was made of clay. Later, they were made from any material including silver, gold, brass, iron, and crystal. Cast Iron Candelabra were used to provide a heavy base to support the stand on surfaces.

We've sourced this 19th century classic candelabra pair all the way from Newcastle. We couldn’t find the pair anywhere else so it’s difficult to tell if they’re French or English. Each of them elegantly sits on a red marble base and defined with details all the way up to their tips. The candle holder is detachable for easy cleaning.

A perfect piece for your upcoming celebrations and get together or to sit in one of your favourite corners in the winter nights.

Dimensions: 26cm x 16cm x 12cm

Weight: 2kg

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