Mid Century Scandinavian Salt & Pepper Tray (Circa 1960s)

£32 £38

It is believed that the first ever saltshaker was invented in 1858 by John Mason, a tinsmith from the United States. But it wasn't until the 1920's that sets of shakers started to be manufactured, due to their cost effectiveness and nice-looking design.

A minimal Scandinavian design presents this essentials tray on every dining table. The warm colours of burgundy and oak wood define the simplicity around the set. Included is an oak wood tray with salt and pepper shakers along with a cup for your choice of essentials; mustard, honey, or even a handful of toothpicks.  

- Measurement: 5cm x 5cm (each shaker) - 5cm x 6cm (cup) - 21cm x 13cm (tray)

- Weight: 250g

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