Large Vintage Copper Kettle


The widespread use of the copper kettle in Britain started during the Victorian era, when tea became readily and affordably available to the working classes for the first time. Previously, tea was considered something of a luxury, predominantly consumed by the wealthy. And as richer people could afford kettles made of more exotic materials, their kettles tended to be smaller, dainty and ornate items made of silver.

But as the British Empire made greater inroads into Asia in the 19th century, more and more trade routes opened for shipping. This made it easy and profitable for merchants to bring tea back to the UK and sell it to the wider population. However, ordinary people couldn’t afford silver kettles, and so needed an alternative made of a cheaper material that was also widely available and a good conductor of heat: copper.

We've hand-picked another large copper kettle for those warm indoor winter nights. Our first copper kettle was snapped so quickly and loved by its new owner. This one also has the perfect signs of wear to make it stand out while the internal aluminium is in a good condition, making it suitable for use and not just a nice looking item for your kitchen.

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