Handmade Zemmour Antique Rug (Pre 1980)


Zemmour meaning ‘olive’ is a rich land in Northwest of Morocco, known for its moderate climate and therefore excellent production of pure wool. Zemmour rugs are handwoven carpets made by Berber women in the city and famous for their excellent quality and detail. Rugs in this city are known to be the best of Moroccan rugs. Their authenticity is unquestionable and their value increase with time. Each of the rugs produced in this region is seen as a piece of art representing the cultural heritage from one generation to the other.

The weaving process is unique in rich details while maintaining their trademark of a rich red colour base. The details woven into the rugs are not random at all and that’s what makes them quite unique in appearance and value. Weavers use geometric shapes as a way of expressing their heritage, culture and even stories which cannot be expressed verbally. ‘’Every single motif has a symbolic significance and tells a story of its own.’’

We have hand-picked these rugs from the heart of Marrakesh. We chose to hand-pick antique rugs rather than new for many reasons. Antique rugs are better in quality considering they are pre mass production trends. All these rugs are pre 1980 and therefore witnessed stories, memories, and richer details. The fading colours of antique rugs give them the perfect look for that authentic feel in every space. Also, knowing that rugs of Zemmour increase in value over time, this makes each piece a beauty worth investing in.

Dimensions: 130cm x 72cm

Weight: 2kg

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