Collectable Pre-WWII Brass Tool Kit - Corkscrew (Circa 1920s)


The idea of incorporating several tools in one unit is very old, dating back at least as far as Middle Roman times. The 'pocket' tool kit comes in different forms and includes various useful tools that come in handy wherever you are.

Unlike the standard looking tool kits we see nowdays, this has a very unique design. Dating back to pre-WWII, the tool kit comes in a nice compact pocket size (literally). Unscrew the bullet shaped brass case and inside is a flat head screwdriver, a bradawl, a drill type tool and a corkscrew. Plug in the tool needed and the case becomes the handle! It makes a unique gift idea and a great collectable piece.

- Measurement: H8cm x D1.5cm

- Weight: 75g

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