Ceramic Holkham Navy Blue Pot | Art Décor Vase


‘’Holkham pottery was the idea of Elizabeth Leicester, the wife of the 5th Earl of Leicester. She was said to have been inspired after watching a German prisoner of war throwing pots at the old Peterstone Brickyard. The pottery was set up in 1951 by Lady Elizabeth and was funded by the 5th Earl. He converted the 19th century laundry and bowling alley into a light and bright pottery studio which created an additional attraction to Holkham and provided important local jobs, including for his wife and two eldest daughters.

Holkham pottery provided crucial jobs at a difficult time for the Estate. At its height, the pottery employed almost 100 people and was the biggest light industry in North Norfolk. Unfortunately, due to much cheaper imports coming in from China and Taiwan, sales dropped, and cuts were made in 1991. Trading continued for 16 years after the cuts, but the pottery wasn’t making enough money to carry on. So, in 2007, after 56 years of trading, the sad decision was made to close the business.’’

There are very few of Holkham’s pottery pieces left out there since they closed their doors. This is one of their admiral navy blue ceramic pots in glossy detailed design. In addition to its beautiful look this piece can come in handy for various purposes: plant pot, vase, standalone art décor, fruit bowl? Well, we’ll leave that to you.

Dimensions: H24cm x D23cm

Weight: 1.7kg


Content source: Holkham.co.uk

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