Centcherri Gift Card


We tend to think of gift cards if we want to give someone the flexibility of buying what they like. Part of us however, questions whether this could look like a lazy option to opt for when we're running out of time or options. We'd like to think that we'll change that guilty feeling for you.

Choosing CentCherri gift card for someone will help support our value of which you share with us; consious and thoughtful buying. With CentCherri's gift card you will introduce someone to the concept of vintage buying, and get them to hand pick their own treasure thoughtfully. Thus, getting them to start this journey too.

Our gift card can be sent to the recipient in a digital format as a standard card via email. If you'd like to send a physical card, this is when we can get creative! We will post them the card (pictured) with a personal message of your choice. If so, please reach out to us via email on contact@centcherri.com quoting your order number and message, and leave the rest to us.

Let their jouney begin ...


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