Antique Vanity Set – Dressing Table Mirror and Brush


Vanity sets were the original make-up organizers; manufactured from the Victorian period through the mid-20th century, these sets may have changed in style and materials, but never in their function of helping women prepare for the day. Since these sets were meant to help make women's beauty routines more efficient, they came with a variety of different tools, even growing to encompass more than fifteen or twenty items.

A vintage vanity set is sure to elevate anyone's beautification routine with its intricately detailed designs and carefully organized pieces. Once considered to be an essential element of a woman's boudoir, people have begun to show a renewed interest in collecting these delicate and functional vanity sets across.

We’ve hand-picked this beautiful English vanity set in warm cream and gold colours combining a classic look. The set includes a mirror and two brushes that don’t appear to be used previous despite their age.

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