Antique Moroccan Jewish Mezuzah Case


A mezuzah is a special parchment that has the scriptures of Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:13-21 inscribed upon them. These scriptures are known as the Hebrew words of the Shema and Vayaha. These scrolls hold great weight-- they are a handwritten reminder of the obligations that the Jews have to God.

If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen a scroll hanging on a door, it’s because the scroll is housed in a protective case. This is done in a way that allows a specific portion of the parchment to show (this portion contains the word Shaddai, which means “Almighty”).

The word mezuza literally translates into the word “doorpost” from Hebrew, and after a specific blessing is recited, it is attached to the main doorpost of a home.

A mezuzah is a public declaration of the Jewish faith of those that dwell within a home. They are visual reminders and physical representations of God's commandments and presence to those within the house.  To the homes that hang a real mezuzah properly, they also believe that it offers protection to their home and those within it. The power of the mezuzah is so great that even those who are not Jewish use them, claiming that the scrolls bring them good fortune.

This mezuzah was hand-picked by us all the way from Morocco from an antique jewellery and collectibles seller who told us all about this precious piece.

Moroccan Jews constitute an ancient community. Pre-1948, there were about 250,000 to 350,000 Jews in the country, which gave Morocco the largest Jewish community in the Muslim world, but by 2017 only 2,000 or so remain.

Material: Brass Metal


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