Antique French High Side Table | Cabine | Circa 1930-1950


Side tables, like the one you now own, were once considered a symbol of status and wealth during the Renaissance. Placed strategically in grand homes, they held prized possessions and reflected the owner's refined taste.

This timeless piece encapsulates the sophistication of French design, boasting delicate curves and intricate details that echo the dedication of artisans from yesteryears.

Glide open the drawer, and a vibrant red patterned bottom reveals itself—an unexpected touch that adds a dash of playfulness to the sophistication of this antique gem.

Creative Usage Suggestions:

Bedroom: Transform it into a stylish bedside companion, with a touch of personalization by stacking your favorite books in its open space.

Living Room: Add a cozy touch to your living space by using it as a charming side table, adorned with a warm table lamp and a space for your weekly newspaper.

Hallway: Infuse practicality and style into your hallway—whether it's showcasing a vibrant plant, holding your keys, or serving as a convenient spot just below your mirror for that final check before heading out.

Dimensions: L73cm x W40cm x D29cm

Our products are antique, vintage, and preloved, embodying the essence of time. Signs of wear are part of their unique story. Please study the images; these pieces aren't new but carry a charm that only age can bestow.

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