For those curious minds, here are some of your questions answered.

Where does the name CentCherri come from?

CentCherri is not a typo, the founder's name is Rayan Cherri, and the business relies on centuries of crafts. So, there you have it!

Where do you source your items from?

We spend days hand-picking pieces that are unique and in good condition. We regularly go to antique markets across the country to source our items. We will soon start sourcing pieces from around the world.

Can you give some tips for buying vintage and antique items?

  1. Triple-check measurements.
  2. Expect signs of wear and view them from a different perspective. You may find aesthetic value to some signs of wear.
  3. If you find the same item elsewhere for less, there's surely a reason. In most cases, it's item condition or service quality.

Do you offer gift packaging option?

Yes! All our wrapping and packaging is de-facto gift. We believe in the true value of the unboxing experience, so we package every order like it's a gift to yourself or to others at no extra cost. If you'd like to add a gift note, just add your message to the Order Note section or email us after placing your order quoting the order number.

If I buy an item as a gift, can I have the price removed from the website?

Absolutely! Just let us know and we'll make that happen. Our packages are branded, and it's very likely the recipient will take a look at our store if they loved the concept, and more importantly, the piece you chose for them. So, we are happy to remove price for sold items upon request.

Do you stock more of the same item?

Buying vintage is more rewarding when each piece is unique. Once the item listed on our store is sold, it's gone for good. It's very unlikely to find the same item again. But, hey, that's the beauty of treasure-hunting!

Can I return an item I do not like?

Sure you can. Please visit our Returns & Refund Policy for more details.