Big retail, big malls, big brands. Big things becoming bigger. Everyone is big on new things. The aesthetics are lost in groupthink, in algorithms tailoring aesthetics to us.

Many people are going with the flow. However, for the authentic ones, the value of things, and the meaning they carry, are not subject to crowd preferences, nor to marketing forces.

We at CentCherri decided to cater for the authentic ones, for those who find their own meaning in the things they buy for themselves and for others. We spend our time hand-picking our vintage and antique items, each of which is an aging beauty. CentCherri is a one-stop place for thoughtful, beautiful, and unique pieces.

Beauty can stand the test of time, and so can utility. Many things around us share our life with us, and define our aesthetics and leisure. And for the authentic ones, there is meaning to items that we carry with us. There is meaning to that music box that your grandma used to put her necklaces in. There is meaning to that old movie poster, which you spent your childhood waking up to. There is utility in old technology: in not-so-straightforward wine opener, in a typewriter, or in a polaroid camera.

This is not about the trend of ‘slowing down’. This is about re-loving items that carry experiences from others before us. This is about recycling in a thoughtful way. This is about reclaiming the true meaning in life; in the sentiments and semantics of the things around us.

Why CentCherri?

After 9 years of experience in corporate sales, I decided to leave the corporate world in the middle of the pandemic. I no longer wanted to sell to businesses products that mean little or nothing to me, nor did I feel motivated by its material rewards. And the normalisation of greed in the corporate world is, to say the least, self-destructive.

After a long break, I realised that I do enjoy selling. I enjoy telling stories and selling things that spark joy in our busy lives. Hence this business.

At CentCherri, I relate to every piece I sell. I dance to every unique piece I pick. I am thus rewarded before I sell it.

CentCherri is not a typo, with sincere apologies to grammar Nazis. My name is Rayan Cherri, and my business relies on centuries of crafts.