Young Girl Reading Jean Honoré Fragonard (1732 - 1806)

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A high quality laminated blockmount with a wipe clean surface by Sheila J. Seldon.

Jean-Honoré Fragonard was a French painter and printmaker whose late Rococo manner was distinguished by remarkable facility, exuberance, and hedonism. One of the most prolific artists active in the last decades of the Ancien Régime, Fragonard produced more than 550 paintings, of which only five are dated.

In about 1769, Jean Honoré Fragonard (French, 1732 - 1806) painted a group of works known today as his fantasy figures: vibrant canvases showing individual models garbed in fancy dress and rendered in notably loose brushwork and bright colors. Among the most beloved works in his oeuvre, these pictures are also the most mysterious and have therefore prompted the most debate—produced for unknown reasons, perhaps representing real individuals, perhaps not.

Young Girl Reading—a representation of a demure model in a lemon-yellow dress seated at a window ledge, a book in one upraised hand—has always been loosely associated with the fantasy figures on formal terms. On the one hand, compelling evidence supported a connection between the two.

The art piece is in an excellent condition with minimal marks at the bottom of each side (pictured). It make a great addition to a wall gallery or a nice reading corner.

This is a high quality print.

Dimensions: H29cm x W23cm x D0.4cm

Weight: 0.43kg

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