Vintage Hand-carved Serving Tray in Teak Wood

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The serving tray, as we know it today, has likely evolved from the "salver", a term used in England in 1661 to denote a flat tray.

Originally, use of the salver signified that the food and drink served upon it was fit to consume by royalty, as a small portion of it had been tested for poison.

Wood carving is one of the oldest arts of humankind. The work is necessarily slow and requires substantial skill and attention. Thus, making hand carved wood worth their value.

This is a fairly large hand-carved wooden tray detailing its woodwork on solid teak. It can make a beautiful decorative piece or serve its original purpose (pun intended).

The tray features multiple different patterning and delicately-carved designs all around its sides.

Dimensions: H21.5cm x H30cm

Weight: 1.24kg

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