Antique Thornton Slide Rule (1931)

£32 £43
This is an original Thornton 10'' mahogany slide rule 1931 model. Classic mathematicians, engineers and lovers of history and old practical equipment would particularly appreciate it. It's in a great condition and, fortunately, still all wrapped in its original olive green box by its very first owner; F.P.Tansley Thornycroft.

Founded in 1880 at 109 Deansgate, Manchester by Alexander George Thornton, the firm grew to become one of the largest manufacturers of drawing instruments and slide rules in Britain. The Precision Instrument Co was taken over in 1901 and PIC continued to be used by Thornton as a trademark until about 1970. The firm became British Thornton in 1967 and merged with ESF at Burley in 1992. Interestingly, British Thornton is now a manufacturer of school furniture in Keighley.

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